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We hatch chicks regularly starting February - September, but can do small hatches at any time.  Due to demand and being a small farm, it can take up to 3 weeks to fill your order.  We guarantee our chicks for three days after pickup.  If you should experience an issue, we will provide a replacement.

We feed our newly hatched chicks medicated chick feed and give daily inspections to access health.

Hatching Eggs

We offering hatching February - September to locals in our area.  We are willing to meet within an hour of Bowling Green, Ky for those a bit further out.  We sell by the half or full dozen, and can take up to two weeks to fill your order.  I have yet to get the ladies to lay on a schedule!


We currently do not ship eggs.


Adult Birds

We do have adult birds become available from time to time.  We will keep our Adults page and social media updated as they become available.  We rotate stock each year and will have a limited number as a result. Early Spring and late fall are the best times to check.

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