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Seedling Starts

Updated: May 18, 2021

Where there are chickens, there is an abundance of eggs; where there are eggs, there is an abundant need to use them. My love of a colorful basket brings immense joy to my life, but it also brings cycles where eggs seem to overflow in the refrigerator. Often those end up in yummy French omelets or macarons of various flavors (my favorite use!), but the shells seem to get the shaft. They are often fated to end up in the compost pile, crushed up for extra calcium for grow-outs, or sprinkled into the garden. All great uses, but I felt there just had to be a way to enjoy their beautiful hues a little longer.

Seed starter kits was the perfect (and free!) solution to my quandary. Whether in early spring to start vegetables or through-out spring and summer with various flowers, this simple garden DYI is a great project to get more purpose out of your egg harvest. My kids enjoy watching the seeds they planted take growth and planting when ready. I love they get to eat or enjoy the fruits of their labor.

To Get Started:

And That's It...

Your soon-to-be veggies or flowers are ready to be placed in a warm, sunny spot like a windowsill. Or, if like me, you have cats, place a few containers under a grow light in the garage away from curious paws. Each seed is different and needs different watering amounts. Use your spray bottle or mister vs. pouring over the top. This will prevent over saturation and mold.

Don't throw away the seed packet! You will want to keep that for germination time, light and watering instructions, as well as the guide on when to plant outside. Once all dangers of frost have past, you can plant your sprouts in the perfect spot in your garden. Transplant the sprout, shell and all (it will become fertilizer later) or crack the shell and remove the sprout if you prefer.

Try your hand at shell seed starters and tag us @FarmandFurrow on instagram with your results. We are starting pumpkin seeds and gourds for fall now. Decoration and chicken treats in one!

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