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Fall is in my soul

In less than a week, Fall will officially return to the farm and I must say I can barely contain my excitement and relief. While Spring and Summer bring fresh possibility and blissful days spent in the sun, I have always felt autumn brings a depth and richness to life that no other season can match. Crisp morning air, growing pumpkins, and the touches of color in the tips of trees pauses my steps and allows for a moment of breathing in all that beauty. Something I need to make time for more often.

What Have We Been Up To?

This summer at Farm and Furrow we focused on getting a pasture prepared for our little Babydoll Southdown lambs. Placed in a temporary (and smaller) pen upon arrival, our three lambs watched eagerly as post by post their new home was outlined and, board by board, fenced in. Their baas from across the yard (I decided) was encouragement and not complaints on how long it was taking. It was a full family project with everyone pitching in from digging holes to painting boards. With the last solar pathway light screwed to the post to light the driveway, we all took a minute to take in the sheep contently grazing new grass and flopping under their new shade tree. My son and daughter both remarking how relieved they were it was complete, but also how proud. That made my heart glow. For a moment, I wished Summer could last forever. Then I remembered I don't like the heat...and moved on.

Resisting the need for busy...

But, just like the seasons, a farm must keep moving forward in its cycle of life and giving. Before I even finished enjoying the pasture project's completion, my mind turned to the inevitable "what comes next" question. My mind & view landing on the front half circle drive and the expanse of grass unused and so full of potential. Just like that, I tugged the end of a thread and unraveled a vision of a biodiverse garden complete with chicken coop and bee hives. With a flurry of mental activity, I started plotting beds, a greenhouse, how to start no-till development....and then stopped myself.

There wasn't an immediate need to pull the thread just yet. Instead, I resisted the need for non stop busy and let myself enjoy a project's completion for a minute or more. To raise my eyes beyond what wasn't there yet, and really look at what was. Like the tall maple with tips of orange just peeping through the green, my hydrangea blooms just starting to take on their fall mauve hue, and our pumpkins on the vine. A small stroll hand in hand with my husband provided the pleasant discovery of a persimmon tree we didn't know was growing on the edge of the field. I piled the few ripe ones in my hand and headed to the chickens with a fall treat. I took time to notice the creep of nighttime was occurring a little earlier than a few weeks ago, and the air a degree or two cooler.

I took time to notice and enjoy. I encourage you to put busy aside and live in the moment. To look and, more importantly, to see.

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