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lavender easter eggers

The Master of Surprise

Easter Eggers are a mixed breed typically crossing a blue egg layer with a light brown layer.  Hens can lay either a blue tinged, green tinged, tan, or even rosey color eggs.  You will not know which they lay until their first egg.  Easter Egger is also a term for un-recognized varieties of Ameraucanas.

Quick Facts:

  • Egg Color: Either blue, green, tan, or pink tinged.  (Hen will not lay all)

  • Typically medium sized bird

  • Typically a good layer of around 200 eggs per year

  • Curious, gentle temperament.



To be honest, I don't love surprises.  I am a planner by nature, a strategist by profession, and a lover of a good, working routine. It comes as quite a shock to my family, that I adore Easter Eggers. After all, the very nature of an EE is steeped in the unknown.  You must calmly wait the 28 weeks plus for the pullet to grow out and proudly lay her first egg.  After exerting extreme patience, you are finally rewarded with the knowledge of what color your new egg producer will lay.  Bluish, greenish, soft tan, or rosey?  Any of them is worth the wait.

Easter Eggers are a mixed bird, usually from a blue egg layer crossed with a light brown layer.  Not knowing what gene passed to the chick is what creates the element of surprise.  The look of EEs come in as much variety as their beloved eggs, and can produce some beautiful crosses.  Being me, I had to take a little of the guessing out of the mix, and our EE's are guaranteed Lavenders. 


Our EEs are a cross of our Lavender Orpington hens and our Lavender Ameraucana roosters.  Even though the color variety is set, seeing if the size and full plumage of the Orpington or the full muffs and beards of the Ameraucana passes on is nature's secret. Our Orpingtons have the sweetest of temperaments, always eager for a handheld treat or to be packed around by our daughter. Pair that with our Ameraucanas that want as much affection as a puppy, and your heart will be owned by a chicken from the moment it hatches.


We offer hatching eggs and chicks locally to share this sweet breed with our region.  

After all, the best planners leave some room for surprises in life!

x.o.x.o.  Farm & Furrow

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