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Bearded Beauties & Blue Eggs

Ameraucanas were introduced to America in the 1970's, derived from the Araucana breed.  True Ameraucanas have slate shanks, white bottomed feet, full muffs and beards, and lay blue eggs only.  Often confused for Easter Eggers.

Quick Facts:

  • Eggs: Blue, around 250/year

  • SOP varieties: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White, & Self Blue (aka Lavender).  

  • Comb: Pea Comb

  • Shanks: Slate

  • LF Weight: 5.5 - 6.5 lb (Male), 4.5 - 5.5 lb (Female)



Never say never...especially with chickens.  Just when I thought I was 100% satisfied with the pens I had, I came across a bird of beauty I just couldn't say no to.  Isabel Ameraucanas.  I can't be blamed for this...I mean it is a chicken with a rose gold hue.  How can I possibly be blamed for wanting some of those in my life!?  As soon as I showed them to my husband, he started planning another coop.  He knows that glint I get in my eye.  He also knows there is no stopping it.   

Isabel is a color that can be achieved in multiple breeds of chickens, accomplished by using self blue to dilute a color over several generations.  In the case of Ameraucanas, Isabel is a crossing of a Wheaten and Self Blue.  The self blue dilutes the brown of wheaten into a muted shade, while also passing its light grey plumage.  In a hen, you get a rose gold/creamy shade in the body with grey tips in the wings and tails.  The rooster retains a grey body and sickle feathers with creamy/gold hackles and saddle feathers.  A sight to behold.  Then, of course, you pair that with the sweet disposition of an Ameraucana, beautiful blue eggs, and the Ameraucana's famous beards.  It is hard for me to say which I love more, Splash or Isabel.

Our Isabels where brought in from Florida as hatching eggs.  Hatched early summer 2021, we have raised them here on our farm.  We currently have a small coop segmented to this color variety, as Isabel breeds true when paired with Isabel. Displaying good body type, good beards, and the hens have good open tails.  We select for conformity and coloration in our breeding pen.  Isabel is not currently a recognized color variety in Ameracauna for those that show.

We will offer hatching eggs and chicks locally to share this beautiful breed with our region.   Check-in mid-spring to allows them time to develop and progress to larger eggs.  We want to ensure chick viability and health in our hatching eggs.

What can I say?  Roses may be red, violets may be blue, but rose gold chickens....that will do.  Oh yes.  That will do!

x.o.x.o.  Farm & Furrow

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