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Hatching Eggs

Wanting to try your hand at hatching your own chicks?  We have you covered.  Whether just having fun or a true hatch-a-holic we know how exciting it is.  We date our eggs to ensure none are more than 10 days old when an order is filled, stored pointed side down.  We keep a low hen to rooster ratio to ensure good fertility.  We monitor fertility by cracking eggs, and currently see 95%+ fertility.  Due to the wide variables of incubators, humidity, and temperature fluctuations, we do not ensure hatch rates.  We currently experience 70% in BCMs and 85%+ in other breeds with our own hatchings (GQF 1502 Sportsman).  We are willing to meet within an hour of Bowling Green, KY for those a little farther out.

We currently do not ship eggs.

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