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black copper marans

A Duel Purpose Bird w/ Russett Eggs.

Dubbed the "ideal rustic farm hen" by the French nearly 100 years ago, Marans are known for their beauty, temperament, and, of course, their dark eggs.  Black Copper Marans are known to lay the darkest within the breed.  

Quick Facts

  • Eggs: Dark Brown to Russet, around 250/year

  • SOP Varieties: Black Copper, Wheaten, White, & Black.  

  • Comb: Single Comb (5 Points)

  • Shanks: Slate

  • LF Weight: 7 - 8 lb (Male), 6.5 lb (Female)



One night, scrolling through Pinterest, I stumbled upon a picture of a dark, russet egg and my heart snagged at the sight.  At the time, I had moved from the suburbs to 5 acres of country side and was wondering what to do with it.  My husband was eager to start a hobby farm and chickens were at the top of his list to start with.  After digging into that picture I discovered the name of the breed: Black Copper Marans.  Rich mahogany feathers against iridescent black, feathered feet, and the favored egg of James Bond and the Queen Mum.  I was sold.

Anyone that owns BCMs knows the story didn't end there.  It isn't as simple as buying some birds and skipping out to the coop to collect your desired chocolate eggs.  Oh no.  It takes time to find a dark laying line, more time to learn what qualities to breed for, and even more time to breed for those qualities. You will learn the egg color will vary depending on the time of year, how many eggs the hen is laying per week, and how old the hen is.  While the elusive 9 on the Marans card may be your original goal, the beauty and versatility of BCMs will keep you wanting more.


Our flock of Black Coppers Marans is from Greenfire Farms in Florida from their French National Color Champion line.  We ordered them as chicks and have raised them here on the farm.  We line breed to improve color and SOP each year. We keep a small flock of 8-10 hens with our best rooster to ensure good fertility.  BCMs are a dual purpose breed, meaning they are larger in size than other breeds and are considered a meat bird.  Hens will become the matriarch of a mixed pen and roosters are good defenders of their flocks.


We offer hatching eggs and chicks locally to share this beautiful breed with our region.

Oh, and more thing to know!  If you have kids, you might not want to describe the eggs as "chocolate". Otherwise, no matter the color of that first egg, you are sure to disappoint a five year old who expected something sweeter.  

x.o.x.o.  Farm & Furrow

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