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bbs ameraucana

Bearded Beauties & Blue Eggs

Ameraucanas were introduced to America in the 1970's, derived from the Araucana breed.  True Ameraucanas have slate shanks, white bottomed feet, full muffs and beards, and lay blue eggs only.  Often confused for Easter Eggers.

Quick Facts:

  • Eggs: Blue, around 250/year

  • SOP varieties: Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten, White, & Self Blue (aka Lavender).  

  • Comb: Pea Comb

  • Shanks: Slate

  • LF Weight: 5.5 - 6.5 lb (Male), 4.5 - 5.5 lb (Female)



Our first Ameraucana was an accident.  In a set of chicks I had purchased, there was one wee black one that didn't quite look like the rest.  As that little pullet grew, her feathers would take on a green iridescence, her pea comb would present itself, and her fluffy cheeks and beard would own a piece of my heart.  Minty the chicken was my beautiful, bearded lady and she would start a love affair with the breed that is still going strong.

And that was before Minty even laid her first egg.  Once I saw that blue nugget, more had to be had.  Going out to fill our basket with blue eggs each day just brings a smile to my face.  Our kids love to grab them and show me the different shades of blue and guess which hen they are from.  A little research shows the color varieties the breed has to offer, and boy is it hard to pick a favorite. Don 't tell Minty, but its a splash!  My one chicken grew to our farm having Blue, Black, Splash, and Self Blues (or Lavenders).  


We have a devoted pen to our BBS Ameraucanas (ie. Blue, Black, or Splash) that currently has a blue rooster over splash and blue hens.  A common pairing to keep the splash color from diluting. Blues are identified by their beautiful lacing, splash by their white feathers sprinkled with flecks of black, and blacks by their fascinating, green iridescent hue. We line breed to improve color and SOP each year. We keep a small flock of 8-10 hens with our best rooster to ensure good fertility.  Our Ameraucanas have sweet temperaments, often following us around the yard as we go about our chores.  Hens have a tendency towards broodiness, and we have found they need taller pens.  No-one has told Ameraucanas that chickens can't fly!  


We offer hatching eggs and chicks locally to share this beautiful breed with our region.  When ordering BBS eggs, it will mean you have a chance the egg will hatch a blue, black, or splash chick.  

What can I say?  Some of the best things in life come to us by accident.

x.o.x.o.  Farm & Furrow

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