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Every Farm Has A Story 

Hey Ya'll,

Welcome to Farm & Furrow, my families adventure in building a better connection with the simple things.  We left the suburbs in 2018 for a five acre slice of countryside to call our own in the hopes of building a hobby farm. We wanted our kids to be raised with chores, the value of hard work, and the pride of earning the love of something you care for.  You can find us not too far down a country road, nestled between two hills that provides stunning sunsets, and when you look up at the night sky, you can actually see the stars.  If you were to swing by, we will be out in the garden, barn, or coops learning something knew about plant or animal care that day.  

We currently have five pens of chickens, a Great Pyrenees named Reba that is larger than life, and two highly affectionate Devon Rex cats that allow us the honor of calling them Jasper and Asher.  In the Spring you will hear the hum of incubators, cheeps of baby chicks as they await their forever farms, and we are enjoying the sound of sweet 'baaas' and "blehs" that we added to our crazy orchestra. Three precious Olde English Babydoll Southdown lambs made their debut at Farm & Furrow, and have forever changed our farm.

If that doesn't seem like a full enough day, I am determined to expand the garden and add flower beds where I can find room.  After all, there just hasn't been a hydrangea, peony, or iris I didn't carry home.  I love fresh summer tomatoes, quick cucumber pickles, and sweet corn snapped right off the stalk.  And every year we pick something we haven't grown before to expand our taste buds.  When I am not doing that, we are reworking our home into the farmhouse of my dreams.

We like to say Farm & Furrow was "blessed" in 2018, not established.  That would imply we know what we are doing.  Far from it.  This is just our family & farm, writing our own story.


Farm & Furrow

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